Tesla Motors to Open 7 New Stores in Major Cities

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Tesla Opening more Electric Car Stores in Anticipation of Model S?
Those who want to buy a Tesla electric car, or just see one in person and maybe have a test-drive, will be happy to learn that Tesla Motors has announced 7 new stores spread over North-America and Europe. The first stores to open in June are located in New York, Seattle and Chicago. This will be followed by a store in Miami. Tesla also says that it is scouting for locations in Washington D.C. and Toronto, Canada. As for Europe: "Tesla's first European store will open in London later this month, followed by Munich and Monaco." Read on for more details.From Tesla:

Tesla takes its showroom cues from Apple, Starbucks and other customer-focused retailers. Tesla stores provide a welcoming spot to surf the Web, test drive cars and learn more about Tesla, the only production automaker selling highway-capable EVs in North America or Europe.

"We are rethinking almost every aspect of the automobile - from the powertrain to the customer experience, both online and in our stores," said Tesla CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk.

Store locations and hours are updated online. The showrooms are centrally located to allow quick access to nearby highways and suburbs, giving prospective owners an opportunity to experience Tesla's best-in-class performance under a range of driving conditions.

If the Tesla Model S is to be successful, Tesla will need yet more stores, but by starting with major cities, it can cover a lot of the market with fewer stores, so the strategy seems sound.

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