Tesla Motors Starts "Regular Production" of Electric Roadster

Tesla Roadster Electric Car Charging

Ze'ev Drori, Tesla Motors' president and CEO, has announced that the company has met its deadline of March 17th for regular production of the electric Roadster. The very first unit off the assembly line was delivered to Tesla chairman Elon Musk in early February, but we can only assume that this was not part of what they call "regular production" (a test run maybe?).What's next? "At this point our attention is expanding into the sales and service arena marked by the opening of our Los Angeles store and Menlo Park store in the near future," Drori said.

We can hope that production will ramp up and further raise the profile of electric vehicles, showing to the general public that they are feasible and desirable.

Then it will be the job of Tesla's second and third models to show that they can also be affordable (or maybe BYD or Miles will beat them to that). ::We have begun regular production of the Tesla Roadster

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