Tesla Motors Launches a New Battery Recycling Program in Europe

Tesla Motors battery recycled

The battery pack of a Tesla Roadster electric car. Photo: Tesla Motors
Turning Batteries Into Batteries
In a gasoline car, the majority - on the order of 80-90% - of the environmental impact comes from usage (ie. burning fossil fuels). But with an electric car, most of the impact comes from manufacturing and disposal, especially if you charge it up with clean energy. The latest news from Tesla Motors is that they're trying to do something about the eventual disposal of their vehicles in Europe by setting up a lithium-ion battery recycling program in partnership with Belgium's Umicore. They will "use the expended pack material to produce an alloy that will be further refined into cobalt, nickel and other metals. After that, Umicore will transform the cobalt into high grade lithium cobalt oxide, which can be resold to battery manufacturers." Via Tesla Motors, ABG. See also: Nissan's Smyrna Lithium-Ion Battery Plant is on Schedule

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