Tesla Motors CEO Replaced by Elon Musk, Layoffs Expected

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Another Victim of the Credit Crunch?
It's not a 100% official yet, but a few sources are reporting that something big is happening at Tesla Motors, makers of the electric Roadster who have recently announced a new $250 million manufacturing plant in San Jose.

Layoffs, Elon Musk Back at the Wheel as CEO
What we know so far is that Ze'ev Drori is apparently out as CEO, and that Elon Musk (who's also busy sending rockets into orbit with his other company, SpaceX) is replacing him. Autocar also says that "100 staff" would be laid off, representing more than half of Tesla's workforce. Read on for more.

Update: Tesla Motors Breaking News: Model S to be Delayed, Unknown Number of Layoffs, Elon Musk CEOBritish tech mag The Register is claiming that this has been confirmed:

A Tesla representative confirmed the moves to the Reg this afternoon. It appears that Mr Drori will remain at Tesla, assuming the title "vice chairman" and remaining on the board, while Mr Musk assumes even greater day-to-day control of the firm.

But that the number of people laid off might be smaller than 100. Elon Musk is expected to give more details on the company's blog. Nothing yet, though.

Via AutoCar, The Register
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