Tesla Motors "Breaks Logjam", Electric Roadsters Start Shipping

Tesla Electric Car Roadster photo

Tesla Electric Roadsters Finally Ship to Customers
As they say, if you never fail, you're probably not trying. It took a long time, and some even lost faith in the young company, but Tesla has now "broken the logjam", in the words of Ze'ev Drori, its president and CEO. Tesla electric Roadsters are now shipping. "Already 9 production Roadsters have arrived in California, another 3 arrive this weekend, and they will keep arriving at the rate of 4 per week" until December when production should ramp up to about 25 per week. There are currently 27 Roadsters in various stages of assembly in the UK Lotus factory, and a transition to "Powertrain 1.5" (which should increase performance) is scheduled to happen in mid-September. We wish Tesla the best of luck, and especially hope that their plans to create new less expensive and more mainstream electric cars will go smoothly. At the end of the day, their biggest impact on the market might be to inspire people who weren't interested in electric cars and pressure other automakers, though. Thanks to Willy Bio for the tip.
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