The Tesla Model S will start at £49,900 in the UK

Tesla Model S electric car in London UK
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Where is free trade when you need it?

Some adventurous brits have already imported Teslas into the UK at their own expenses (see above), but most people would probably rather file their taxes twice in one year than go through that process. Thankfully for Tesla fans in the UK, Tesla will officially start selling in the country soon (they are building right-hand drive models as we speak), and some pricing details have come out.

The base Model S in the UK will start at £49,900 (which is about $84,400 according to — after a "£5,000 deduction from the UK Plug-in Grant". That's quite a bit more than in the US, but this includes all kinds of things like shipping, European value-added taxes, import duties, etc. I wonder if, with the UK being a smaller country, more UK Tesla customers will pick models with smaller battery capacity, which could help compensate for the extra cost..? Good question.

Over time as Tesla grows up and becomes a more mainstream EV maker, it wouldn't be surprising if they added a new factory somewhere in Europe and/or Asia to be closer to their international customers and avoid some of these extra costs. But that's years down the line...

The company is also working to establish a UK network of its Supercharger stations, which allow Tesla owners to fully charge their batteries in about half an hour, for free.

In Germany, the 60 kWh version starts at €71,400 ($94,512); the 85 kWh version at €81,750 ($108,212). In Belgium and the Netherlands, they start at €72,600 ($96,101) and €83,150 ($110,066), respectively. (source)

These prices are likely to fall over time as battery technology improves (same range with fewer battery cells) and battery prices fall...

Still, it's a lot of cash, but remember how expensive the first DVD players were and you'll understand that this is how technology works.

Via Business Insider

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