Tesla Model S tops Consumer Reports survey of "cars that owners love most" with 98%

Tesla Model S Consumer Reports
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The concept is very simple. Every year, Consumer Reports asks hundreds of thousands of people if they would buy again the car that they own, and why. Each segment sees winners and losers, and there's also an overall winner with the highest "would buy again" score across all categories.

This year, the overall winner is the Tesla Model S with an impressive 98% of owners saying they would buy it again, with reasons ranging from the looks, the ride, the handling, the acceleration, the low maintenance costs, the low "fuel" costs, etc.

Here is the CR video that shows all of the winners and losers in every segment, including the overall winner:

The Model S has of course done well in the past with Consumer Reports, getting an unprecedented 99/100 score during testing, with the non-profit going as far as to say that it was the best car they've ever tested (not best electric car, best car). The Model S has received a similarly impressive score in last year's customer satisfaction survey, so it wasn't surprising when earlier this year CR named it the "overall best car of 2014".

Tesla Model S electric car from above© Tesla

Not bad for a car that a few years earlier almost nobody believed in.

Hopefully Tesla keeps doing as well with the Model X and Model 3, and other EV makers also keep upping their game!

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Tesla Model S tops Consumer Reports survey of "cars that owners love most" with 98%
Build products that people love, and the rest will take care of itself...

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