Tesla Model S to Have Kids! Electric Minivan, Crossover SUV, and Utility Van

tesla model s electric car photo

Photo: Tesla Motors

Tesla Plans to Recycle its Platform

In a blog post where they try to explain how they will use the DOE loan (and make it clear that it's unrelated to the bailout money that went to Detroit automakers), Tesla revealed that the platform of its upcoming Model S electric sedan will be used to create other electric vehicles: An electric minivan, an electric crossover, and an electric utility van for fleets. Something for everyone, it seems.

tesla model s electric car photo

Click on image to see the Tesla Model S slideshow. Photo: Tesla Motors

About the DOE Loan

Tesla explained that it would use the government money for two projects:

  • the US-based production, engineering, and assembly of the Model S, an all-electric family sedan. The Model S assembly plant will employ about one thousand workers in Southern California.
  • a powertrain manufacturing facility in Northern California, which will build advanced EV powertrain components for other automakers. We hope that technology will enable other manufacturers to get affordable EVs on the market much faster than developing the technology themselves. The facility will employ about 650 workers. We already sell EV components to Daimler, which will soon begin marketing an electric version of its popular and affordable Smart car.

We'll probably have to wait until the Model S is out in showrooms before getting more details about the other EVs based on it. Patience is a virtue.

Via Tesla Motors

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