Tesla Model S to be Under $50K, 250th Electric Roadster Delivered

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Photo: Tesla Motors
Tesla Model S Electric Sedan Gets Cheaper
The Tesla Model S electric sedan, which will be unveiled very soon (March 26), was originally supposed to sell for about $60k. But Tesla has announced that the price would be $57,400. If you include the $7,500 tax credit, that's $49,900. Still expensive, but getting very competitive with gasoline luxury sports sedans if you include fuel costs. One of the main competitors of the Model S, the Fisker Karma, will start at $87,900.
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Photo: Tesla Motors

Tesla wrote in its newsletter:

Tesla Motors delivered its 250th car last Saturday. Lucky No. 250 was Dr. Rob Wilder, an academic and entrepreneur who created the first Index on Wall Street for energy efficiency and zero-carbon solutions. Rob lives in Encinitas, Calif., where he charges his Roadster from his home's array of solar panels. He picked "very orange" as the exterior color to symbolize the car's connection with the sun.

"We're not beholden to Middle East oil – and by the way my car is probably faster than your car!" joked Rob, CEO of WilderShares LLC and manager of WilderHill Clean Energy Index, the first Index on Wall Street for energy efficiency and zero-carbon solutions. "This car is an elegant solution to some of the world's most difficult problems. And buying it is helping push along EV adoption generally because Tesla is investing the money in lower-priced cars down the line."

Interesting trivia: Before buying the electric Roadster, Dr. Rob Wilder bought only used cars for no more than $13k each. I guess he finally found something he really liked, and indeed, if his home has solar panels, an electric car makes a lot of sense.

Tesla is now producing approximately 20 cars/week, which will increase to 30 cars/week this summer.

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