Tesla Model S to Get Creepier (In a Non-Creepy Way...)

Tesla Model SFlickr/CC BY 3.0

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Gasoline cars with automatic transmission 'creep' forward if you don't have your foot on the brakes when in drive mode. Now, there's no mechanical reason why an electric car would do the same thing, but lots of people are used to it and like that behavior. But that's not everybody; others vehemently dislike it. The Tesla engineers in the latter camp seem to have won the battle for the Model S - it does not creep - but customer demand for the feature has pushed the company to create an optional software update that can be applied remotely and which reprograms the electric car so that it slowly creeps forward when in drive mode.

Tesla Model SFlickr/CC BY 3.0

That's one benefit of EVs; a lot can be done with software. Tesla writes on its website:

The kind of new features that can be added to your Model S might surprise you. For example, by default, Model S does not slowly move forward when you release the brake pedal like cars equipped with automatic transmissions. In the automotive world this is called “creep.” With an electric motor there’s no need for this, but some early customers miss it. Using software updates, we can upgrade every Model S with a “creep” option which customers can enable using the 17” touchscreen. Now that’s 21st century service.


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