Tesla Model S Electric Sedan to Have Faster 'Sport' Version and Longer Range Aerodynamic Version

tesla Model S Alpha photo

The Model S electric sedan, schedule for a late 2012 release. Photo: Tesla Motors
Why Not Put the Aerodynamic Tweaks on All Models, Though?
Our friends over at GreenCarReports have learned that Tesla Motors will make special versions of its Model S electric sedan. A sportier one will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a brisk 4.5 seconds instead of the already quick 5.6 seconds of the regular model, and another version will have special aerodynamic wheels that extend the range from 300 miles to 320 miles (if you take the 85kWh battery pack option, of course). I'll be curious to see how many miles of range hypermilers can squeeze out of the aerodynamic model! Via GreenCarReports. See also: Tesla to Stop Production of Electric Roadster, Shift Focus to Model S

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