Tesla Model S in-depth review by Ars Technica

Ars Technica review of Tesla Model S
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"I LOVED my time with the Model S!"

Ars Technica is one of the most venerable technology sites on the net. Created in 1998, it covers a wide range of topics related to science and technology. Their Senior Review Editor, Lee Hutchinson, has just published a full-length review of the Tesla Model S electric car, along with a companion video review.

What's notable about it is first the amount of detail, but also the fact that Hutchinson is obviously not coming at this from a green and EV-loving background. He spends quite a bit of time praising the "soul" of various cars and their big engines, and explaining how much he hates vehicles like the Prius and LEAF...

That's an interesting starting point because if electric cars are to replace gas cars, all kinds of people will have to be convinced that they can do the job.

Ars Technica review of Tesla Model SArs Technica/Screen capture

To find out how the Tesla fared, you'll have to read the whole review. But here's a choice excerpt:

The Model S doesn't smell like oil, it doesn't drink gasoline, and it doesn't howl when you stomp on it. But even though it lacks a beating mechanical internal combustion heart, it absolutely, positively, most definitely does have a soul. The Model S is a young car without the proud racing history of companies like Porsche or Ferrari, but it's still an incredibly powerful New World statement that squarely challenges the Old.

In the few days I had the loaner Model S, I gave rides to most of my friends—along with a few of my friends' kids. The responses were identical, young and old. The slide-out door handles drew gasps from 10-year-olds and jaded thirtysomethings alike; the enormous touchscreen made all eyes pop; the gut-rearranging torque drew gleeful screams of "OHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAH" out of every single person that sat in the cabin.

As for the driving experience—well, you forget about all of the neat electronics and the touchscreen and the battery and the network of Superchargers when you slip behind the wheel because the Model S is not just a great electric car. It's a great car, period. That's the highest praise I can give; Tesla Motors has succeeded in making an excellent automobile that also happens to be the best electric car money can buy.

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Tesla Model S in-depth review by Ars Technica
A detailed review from someone who's not a fan of electric cars. Is he a new convert?

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