Tesla Model S is best-seller in Norway, getting higher prices on used market than new

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How's that for large-scale winter testing?

Not only is the Tesla Model S the best-selling car in Norway (probably for a brief period because there was a lot of pent-up demand, but still... that's impressive!) with 5.1% of total sales for the month of September, bumping the Volkswagen Golf into second place with 4.6%, but apparently norwegians want to get their hands on the american electric car so much that they are ready to pay more than the already expensive price tag on the second-hand market rather than wait for supply to catch up with demand.

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Reuters reports that people are willing to pay as much as $20,000 over the list price. A search on finn.no, a Norwegian variant of Craigslist, shows Model S cars going for 780,000 Norwegian krone ($130,000), well above the $110,000-$117,000 cited for a new one. (source)

Norway's a bit special because fuel costs are much higher than in most places (around $10 a gallon), and cars are also more expensive in general ("A BMW Series 5 sells in the $100,000-$115,000 range in Norway"), so the Tesla Model S doesn't stand out quite as much, and fuel savings add up to more. There are also generous incentives and perks to encourage people to go electric (free parking, free charging, use of bus lanes, exemptions from road toll and tunnel-use charges, and free ferry rides).

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On top of that, the country was the first in Europe to get Supercharger stations and the electricity supply comes from hydro.

Via QZ, Reuters

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