Tesla Model E rendered

The Tesla Model S is widely considered the best mass-manufactured car in the world. The Model X, next on Tesla's plate, is an SUV/crossover version of the Model S that is supposed to debut at the end of this year. But both vehicles are a bit pricey and far out of the reach of most consumers.

So, most of us Tesla fanboys and fangirls drool over these luxury models but are more eager for details regarding the next Tesla model, one which is supposed to come in at about half the price of the Model S yet have about 200 miles of all-electric range. It is expected that this will be called the Model E, and Tesla CEO & Chief Product Architect Elon Musk has said on multiple occasions that it should be available no later than 2017.

I've been on many calls with Elon in which the Model E came up. Not many details are out there on its design, and not much work has been put into that yet, but it is supposed to share many styling characteristics with the Model S and Model X (no surprise). Remco Meulendijk, who obsessively creates photoshop renderings of potential cars, recently decided to do a rendering of the Model E based on that slim guidance. Check them out above and below.

Tesla Model E© Remco Meulendijk

Again, these are renderings from someone who is not affiliated with Tesla. We probably have to wait quite a while before the Tesla crew releases any initial pictures. Until then, the info we have is that the starting price will be around $35,000, the range per charge will be about 200 miles, and the car will have access to Tesla's Supercharger network.

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