Tesla, Hybrids, Fuel Cells: Positive TV Visits Eco Rally (Video)

positive tv visits ecorally photo

Image credit: Positive TV
Positive TV Highlights Solutions Not Problems
Back when I lived in the UK, I used to occasionally pick up issues of Positive News at festivals or activist gatherings. While the concept of a newspaper dedicated to covering upbeat, optimistic stories was appealing - ultimately the print format meant that stories were not covered in great enough depth to give the details of what was going on (a critique that could equally be applied to blogs I suppose...). That's why I'm delighted to discover Positive TV - an online video channel which, much like Peak Moment TV, is dedicated to reporting "what’s breaking through rather than what’s breaking down." Click below the fold to see their coverage of the London to Brighton Revolve Ecorally. Subjects covered so far include the Transition Towns Conference and the London Cutting Edge Green Tour (check out TreeHugger's own report on the Transition Conference), which sadly is not yet available on YouTube so I can't embed that one. But in the meantime, check out what happened when Positive TV visited the Revolve Ecorally, checking out hybrids, fuel cell cars, EVs and scooters that are pushing the envelope in low emissions motoring. Great stuff - I look forward to checking out more Positive TV in the near future.

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