Tesla Hires Chrysler Exec to Become VP of Engineering and Manufacturing

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Tesla Motors Gains Credibility
Making cars is hard, and Tesla is trying to improve its luck by hiring Mike Donoughe, a former Chrysler executive who has shown in the past that he can get things done. He will become Tesla Motors' Vice President of vehicle engineering and manufacturing. Mr. Donoughe could have got a job at any car company, so it's a good sign that he thinks the future is in electric cars, and it's also a vote of confidence for young Californian electric car company.

Next Step: Model S
And Tesla will need all the smart people it can get if it wants its next electric car, the 4 doors, 5 passengers, built-in-California 'Model S' sporty sedan.

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Donoughe said in a statement:

"I joined the Tesla team because I am enthusiastic about Tesla's objective to integrate their disruptive EV technology into mainstream automobiles. Tesla is creating vehicles that appeal to customers looking for environmentally sound & energy efficient solutions without compromising on functionality and performance. I look forward to contributing to these efforts as a part of the Tesla team."

We sure hope you can help Tesla make it happen!

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