Tesla now has pop-up stores folded inside containers, will tour US and Europe

Tesla inside a container
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After the container house, the container store

Tesla's fight to be able to sell its electric cars directly has had ups and downs lately, but that's not stopping the Californian EV and energy storage company (I have to include a reference to the Powerall now; it could become as big as the cars someday) from innovating, even when it comes to retail.

A clever new store called the "Tesla Mobile Container Store" will be able to fold inside a container for transport, and then, once it reaches its destination, unfold to twice the size in just a few hours, making it ready to to act as a pop-up store. The store will feature interactive displays like the regular brick and mortar ones, and will also allow shoppers to test-drive the Model S, the company said.

Tesla Model S 70D© Tesla
The mobile container store will tour the United States and Europe this summer, starting in Santa Barbara this week. It'll stay there for a month before moving to the Hamptons. The company didn't say where to next, but it's "targeting the summer’s most popular travel destinations in places where we don’t yet have a permanent brick-and-mortar location." Clever.

Mobile Tesla stores are also on tour in multiple locations in Europe, including Denmark, France and Switzerland.

Tesla P85D dual drive electric carTesla/Promo image

Via Yahoo News, Fortune Magazine

Tesla now has pop-up stores folded inside containers, will tour US and Europe
Innovation even when it comes to stores.

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