Tesla Expands 480-Volt Supercharger Network to U.S. East Coast

Tesla Supercharger© Tesla

Boston to Washington DC Now Possible in Model S

Tesla executes. They don't just make nice computer-generated images of 'future products' that never come, they actually build things. The worldwide financial crisis that hit the world slowed them down, but they survived and we're now seeing the fruits of their years of efforts. Their Model S electric sedan has gotten great reviews and was named Car of the Year by prestigious publications, and their network of Supercharger stations ("Drive for Free. Forever. On Sunlight."), which was just unveiled a few months ago, is already being built.

Tesla SuperchargerTesla/Screen capture

Connecticut and Delaware

The first 6 Tesla Supercharger stations were all in California, but these 2 new ones are on the East coast of the U.S., making trips between Boston and Washington D.C. possible for Model S owners.

The chargers are located at highway rest areas in Milford, Connecticut, and in Wilmington, Delaware.

They are a bit more low-key than what Tesla showcased, but they should work just as well. You can see a picture here. I think Tesla's startegy is to build bigger Supercharger stations with lots of individual chargers in high-use areas, and to put smaller individual chargers like that in existing stations elsewhere.

The goal is still to have it all be solar powered (if not directly, at least to have solar panels that contribute as much electricity back to the grid as these use), though Tesla says that it might not be 100% solar right from the start.

Tesla SuperchargerTesla/Screen capture

Above is a map of Tesla's long-term plan for Supercharger stations. Pretty ambitious!


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