Tesla expands its Supercharger network in Europe, has big plans for USA too

Tesla Supercharger stations map
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"Drive for Free. Forever. On Sunlight."

Tesla's Supercharger network of super-fast charging stations that are powered by renewable energy and are free-to-use for Tesla owners is one of the company's secret weapons. They make the current Model S more convenient and viable for more people than if the network didn't exist, and by the time Tesla's next generation, mass-market electric car comes out in a few years, the world will be blanketed with Superchargers, making the average car-buyer a lot less afraid of "range anxiety".

A few months ago Tesla reported that 3.2 million miles have been charged at Superchargers, offsetting about 130,500 gallons of gas. Since then that number has no doubt grown a lot, and the rate of growth will accelerate as the company makes more and more electric cars every month.

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

So above is Europe's Superchargers now, and in the picture at the top of this article you can see how these locations connect the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

And this is what Tesla is planning to have installed by the winter of 2014. "By the end of March 2014, 50 percent of the German population will live within 320km of a Supercharger, and 100 percent of the population will be covered by the end of the year."

Plans are just as dramatic for the USA.

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

This is the Superchargers that are currently operational. Note the route that allows cross-country trips.

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

That's the map with a few additional "coming soon" charging stations.

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

This is the expansion that is planned for 2014. Wow! This would cover 80% of the US population and parts of Canada.

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

And this is 2015, completing the puzzle with 98% of the US population and parts of Canada covered.

It'll be almost impossible to go anywhere far and no have Supercharging stations in your path (and even if you don't, there are also tons of other non-Supercharger stations everywhere not shown on these maps -- you'll just need a bit more patience while batteries recharge).

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