Tesla Electric Roadster Test Ride: Review at Slate

We just can't get enough of the Tesla Roadster, the electric sportscar that promises top end performance with one tenth the pollution. You have seen the reviews of the technology here at TH, including Eckhart Beatty's two part piece on the mechanical specifications of the car as discussed in the whitepaper co-authored by founder and CEO Martin Eberhard and the Tesla as a design coup of disruptive technology. You are hanging on the hope that even if you cannot afford close to six figures for the top-line roadster, you can anticipate the success of Tesla's market strategy to push beyond the high unit costs of a new technology into the affordable sector with the project code named white star. Today, with great envy, we point TreeHuggers to the test ride review by Paul Boutin of Slate. Thanks to a frienship with Tesla founder Eberhard, Paul Boutin got the opportunity to take the Tesla Roadster out--then waited three days to post on it so he could return to a sufficiently rational state to write an objective review. Boutin confirms that this ride is really something new: "Compared to gasoline-engined cars, the Roadster's torque curve feels—and is—impossible. That's because the Tesla's motor is electric." The review recognizes what TreeHugger holds as first principle: old, polluting and inefficient technologies cannot die until a better design steps in to take their place. Tesla may be the paradigm change driver that takes the automotive industry "into the next century", as was often said before that arbitrary deadline passed without the awaited "Jetsons" lifestyle. Boutin remarks that the car's styling may not stoke converts, but concludes: " You've got to ride in one to get excited. Trust me." Never mind trust. Envy him.

Via ::Slate