Tesla Electric Roadster Shows Its Range at the Rallye Monte Carlo d'Énergies Alternatives

Photo: Le Blog Auto
240 Miles on a Single Charge, With Some Juice Left...
Not so long ago, the British car show Top Gear aired a relatively negative segment about the Tesla Roadster (they much prefer the hydrogen-powered Honda FCX). One of their main complaints was the range of the car. What better way to test that than a real-world race? Le Rallye Monte Carlo d'Énergies Alternatives was the perfect occasion to test the Tesla in all kinds of conditions (highway, urban areas, twisty, hilly roads, etc).
Photo: Le Blog Auto

From Le Blog Auto (in French):

La Tesla bleue partait de Valence le samedi matin peu avant 07h00, trappe à carburant scellée par les organisateurs pour éviter tout branchement inopiné au fil de la journée. A ce moment précis, le compteur de l’auto indiquait 397 kilomètres d’autonomie, soit à peine plus que la distance prévue ( environ 390 kilomètres ). Bref, le pari de rallier Monaco était jouable, mais loin d’être gagné d’avance au vu non seulement de l’autonomie officielle du véhicule ( à peu près 365 kilomètres ) mais aussi de la structure du parcours.

For those who can't read French, this basically says that the race started at 7 AM on Saturday morning, and that the blue Tesla Roadster's battery showed 397 kilometers of range (246.6 miles), only 7 more than the 390 km race (242 miles). It would be a real challenge to get to the finishing line (and the Tesla's electrical plug had been sealed to make sure that no cheating took place).

Photo: Le Blog Auto

Stopping only for bathroom breaks, the Tesla reached the finishing line after 387,6 kilometers (240.8 miles), and the counter said that there was enough juice left in the battery for 61 kilometers (38 miles). Very impressive for a car rated with a maximum range of 244 miles.

Trivia: The electric Porsche 911 by RUF was also part of the race, but it had to give up for technical reasons. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV was also present, though not part of the race. It just waited for the others in Monaco (it doesn't have a long-enough range to participate).

Via Le Blog Auto (for those who can read French), ABG

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