Tesla Electric Roadster Going on 2,700 Miles Roadtrip to Prove Range, Durability

tesla roadster electric car roadtrip photo

Photo: Tesla Motors
"Range Anxiety is for the Weak"
Starting December 17th, a team of 16 Tesla Motors employees will be taking a 2,700 miles roadtrip from Palm Springs, California, all the way to Detroit, Michigan (arriving in time for the Auto Show). The avowed goal is to demonstrate that the electric Roadster is tough in real-world conditions and that - and I quote - "range anxiety is for the weak." I'm not quite sure that range concerns can be dismissed quite that easily, but this roadtrip will certainly be a good occasion to show that it is possible to plan a long range trip despite the still relatively small range of EVs.
tesla roadster electric car roadtrip photo

Above is a map of the itinerary, and here's a list of the dates:

December 17 Palm Springs
December 18 Phoenix
December 19 Tucson
December 20 Deming
December 21 El Paso
December 22 Ft. Stockton
December 23 San Antonio
December 24 Layover Day
December 25 Layover Day
December 26 Austin
December 27 Ft. Worth
December 28 Dallas
December 29 Oklahoma City
December 30 Tulsa
December 31 Springfield
January 1 Layover Day
January 2 Layover Day
January 3 St. Louis
January 4 Effingham
January 5 Champaign
January 6 Chicago
January 7 Grand Rapids
January 8 Detroit

You can follow the trip and get in touch with the Tesla team via Twitter and Facebook, and they even encourage people to meet them (just email them here).

Range Anxiety Still Alive
To some, the fact that it takes that long to get to Detroit and that the trip must be this carefully planned will no doubt be further evidence that the range of EV is indeed still a problem, and I think that's a good point. But as electric cars become more common, a few things will mitigate these problems (on top of battery technology improving and progressively giving us longer driving ranges): Fast charging stations will become easier to find, and topping off batteries at restaurants (or banks, grocery stores, whatever) will help extend the practical range a good bit. The problem isn't so much plugging in, it is that it takes many hours when you use regular power outlets.

Via Tesla Motors

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