Tesla to demo battery-swapping later this week!

Tesla Model S electric car
© Michael Graham Richard

Musk confirms it on Twitter

From the early days of the Model S electric car, we knew that Tesla had been looking at battery-swapping. This was confirmed by rumors and comments over the years, but nothing too concrete. Then with the recent unveiling of the Tesla Supercharger network (and the upgrade to make it even faster) and the brankruptcy of battery-swapping startup Better Place, it was starting to look like battery-swapping was DOA, or at least not going to happen for a while.

Well, that's underestimating Elon Musk. Where others are struggling, he dives head first and usually comes out victorious. Tesla will after all do battery-swapping, with the first demo of the technology planned for later this week:

For you Better Place fans out there, there's also this interesting bit of trivia:

And one more from Musk about his commitment to Tesla:

Tesla Model S electric car© Michael Graham Richard

Via @ElonMusk

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