Tesla Charging Stations in 3 Hyatt Hotels


Hyatt has installed Tesla charging stations in three of their hotels, so the lucky few to get their hands on one of the $100,000 Roadsters will be able to take them on a road-trip. The three hotels are Fisherman's Wharf, Sacramento and Incline Village, which means that the San Fransisco to Lake Tahoe drive will be well covered, making it the perfect weekend getaway for Silicon Valley residents. "The kind of customer who would buy a Tesla and stay at a Hyatt is one and the same," said Jordan Meisner, senior vice president for Hyatt.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, at an event where Mayor Gavin Newsom took a Tesla for a road-test. Newsom has placed an order for a Tesla, and also used to lease an EV1, "some people thought they were ugly looking cars and you looked foolish in them. Now you have a world-class car that looks like a world-class car."The move may seem like a small one, but if the charging stations are successful then it is possible that they will be installed in more of the companies 753 hotels. Although if a station was placed in each, then there would be more of those than there are Teslas.

The Tesla charging stations were designed under a grant from the California Air Resources Board, and it is hoped that it will become a standard for electric vehicles. ::SF Gate