Elon Musk at the Geneva Motor Show: Model S, Model X, and Superchargers galore (video)

Elon Musk speaking in GenevaYoutube/Screen capture

Tesla Motors has big plans for Europe

Elon Musk was in Geneva this week for the auto show, and he spoke to journalists outlining Tesla's plans for the continent. He said that European deliveries of Model S electric sedans will start "no later than July" with cars that will be manufactured in June. He also confirmed that they're working on bringing the Supercharger network to Europe, allowing very fast charging and long-distance travel, and like in the U.S., charging at those stations will be free. He also talks about the upcoming Model X, which will be based on the Model S platform but offer more space.

Listen for yourself:

Here's the Q&A with journalists:

Here's a closer look inside the Model X AWD electric crossover/SUV, which is expected to start shipping in 2014:

Here's some photos where you can better see the Model X exterior and those gull wings (or falcon wings, as Tesla calls them):

Tesla Model X© Tesla

Tesla Model X© Tesla

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