Tesla to Assemble Electric Cars in the Netherlands

Tesla factory assembly line© Tesla

Bringing Model S to Europe

The European left-hand drive version of the Tesla Model S electric sedan is planned for March 2013. While most of the parts will be made by Tesla in the USA and by the company's suppliers worldwide, the final assembly of the euro-Model S will take place in Tilburg, Netherlands, in a new 62,000 square foot facility that will also serve as a service and parts headquarter and distribution point for Tesla EVs sold in Europe.

Starting this month, the new distribution center will begin stocking parts for both the Tesla Roadster and Model S. In addition to parts warehousing, Tesla plans to utilize this facility for vehicle importing operations, final vehicle assembly and distribution, service headquarters, technical training operations, parts remanufacturing, collision repair and more. The new Tesla European Distribution Center will lead to the creation of approximately 50 jobs in the next few years. (source)

Tesla factory assembly line© Tesla

Tesla Overload?

Lots of news about Tesla lately! I know that for those who don't care about that company, it might seem like a lot, but these things come and go in waves and I just try to follow what's most interesting at the moment. A few years ago it seemed like half the green car news were about the Prius and other Toyota hybrids, and after that it there was a flood of Chevrolet Volt news and then Nissan LEAF stuff, etc.

Lately it's been Tesla that is in overdrive, announcing new things every week (some of them quite huge innovations, like the Supercharger network). There are certainly worse things in life! I, for one, am happy to see this startup that everybody predicted would fail being so dynamic and ambitious. Now let's see other EV makers try to outdo them...

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