Tesla announces bigger battery pack (90kWh, 300-mile range), 'ludicrous' mode: 0-to-60 in 2.8 seconds

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Tesla has a very interesting product cycle. Unlike other automakers, they don't release new features every few years based on model years. Teslas get new features when they're ready - like the Autopilot sensors - and sometimes whole models are upgraded, like when they recently announced that the 60kWh model would go away and be replaced by a 70kWh all-wheel drive model.

Today on a conference call, Elon Musk announced a few new options and features. The most practical is the unveiling of a new 90kWh option costing $3,000. It'll bring the driving range to 300 miles, more than enough for most people (at least until you have to stop to eat, go the the bathroom, etc, the perfect time for Supercharging).

Musk said that current 85kWh Tesla owners will be able to upgrade their battery pack if they want to, but he doesn't recommend it for now because new, even better battery packs will be coming in the future and it'll be better to upgrade at that point to an even better one (100kWh in a few years?).

Ludicrous speedSpaceballs/Screen capture

The less practical, but more impressive, announcement is for a new mode on the P90D model. There's already an "Insane Mode" on the P85D that apparently feels like punched in the face because the acceleration is so fast and sudden, but the new electric speed demon will have a "Ludicrous Mode" that actually brings the zero-to-sixty time down to a truly... ludicrous 2.8 seconds.

As Jalopnik points out: "That also means the Tesla Model S will now accelerate with the force of 1.1G, which means it’ll actually feel faster than falling."

The 70kWh model will now also be more affordable at $70k (well, relatively more affordable).

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Tesla announces bigger battery pack (90kWh, 300-mile range), 'ludicrous' mode: 0-to-60 in 2.8 seconds
This is a relentless improvement cadence... Who else is doing that?

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