Tell US Congress to Strengthen Fuel Economy Standards

The cars we drive could go much farther on a gallon of gas. Making cars more fuel-efficient can reduce oil dependence, save drivers money at the pump and cut back on global warming pollution. But the average fuel economy of the vehicles automakers build has remained stagnant for decades.

The automakers already have the technology to make more fuel-efficient vehicles, even SUVs. What we have now is a tremendous opportunity to pass strong national fuel economy standards.

Representatives Edward Markey (D-MA) and Todd Platts (R-PA) have introduced the Fuel Economy Reform Act, a bipartisan measure that would strengthen U.S. fuel economy standards.

You can tell your member of Congress to support the bill.

If your representative has already signed on, they will be listed here. You can send them a letter of thanks through the link at the top.

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