Teen Creates Electric 1971 VW Beetle


Bart Grabman, a senior at an Alaskan high school, has converted his 1971 VW Beetle to electric power, in order to save gas money and investigate ways to cut down on emissions. "We have a class called Passages, and in that course everyone's supposed to pick a project or idea that they want to expand and do something big with, and so I thought, 'What's something awesome that I can do?'", he said.

Grabman remembered hearing a speech by a man who had converted his own truck from gas to electric power, so he decided that this was a project he could undertake himself, and started to research the idea online, "There was a lot of research on cars, figuring out what I need to get, what I need to do, a lot of going on forums and talking to people."He managed to track down a kit online that contained all the parts necessary for the conversion for $3,500. "People have been pretty supportive of the idea. I've gotten a lot people who have offered to help and want to help out in any way they can, but mostly I just owe my mom a lot of money right now."

It's impressive that Grabman decided to approach a problem this big, let alone that he has managed to pull it off. With a lack of knowledge and a bit of cash he has created a whole electric vehicle. "It's been an interesting experience trying to figure it out, like, Oh, I guess I shouldn't have taken that out. I didn't really know what I was doing when I started, which is what kind of made the project so much fun. I'm not done with it, so I'm still learning a lot." ::Tuscaloosa News

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