Teaser Photo of Tesla's 'Model S' Electric Sedan

Update: We removed the photo that was here at the request of its copyright owner. You can still see it here. For a less official photo, but of the whole car: Here's a photo of what the Tesla Model S might look like. It's probably official, but not 100% certain yet.

Tesla Model S Electric Sedan Teaser Picture
These are not the best times for Tesla Motors. As we recently reported, Elon Musk is back at the Helm, the Model S has been delayed and some of the firm's workers will be laid off. Because of the credit crunch, capital is harder to come by, and car companies are very capital-intensive...

So to have some positive news, Tesla decided to give us a peek at their Model S prototype.To Tease, You Have to Reveal Something...
Unfortunately, as you can see above, it's a pretty meaningless teaser. It does confirm that the the electric sedan isn't complete vaporware, but we see so little that it could be the back of some random Mazda sedan.

Seems like Tesla took a page off Toyota's book with its 2010 Prius teasers that are basically photos of random buttons in the car (meanwhile, pics of the whole car have leaked).

With the extra 6 months delay, the Model S electric sedan (seats 5 adults) should be on the market around mid-2011. Target price is $60,000. Lets hope that it works out according to plan and that the extra 6 months allow Tesla to give the car extra polish.

Via MotorTrends Blog
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