Tattle-Tale On Bad Drivers With DriveMeCrazy App

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Need another reason to quit driving everywhere and take the train instead? How about an app that let's drivers rat each other out to the DMV and insurance companies for driving mistakes. The DriveMeCrazy app encourages drivers to report bad behavior by voicing the offender's license plate into a smartphone, which records the date, time and location of the offense. And that information is shipped off to two places drivers really don't love interacting with. It's a non-violent outlet for road rage that could have ridiculous consequences.

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The app allows drivers to flag fellow drivers for bad driving, but also for being "cute." Yes, it encourages you to use your phone while driving because you think another driver is cute. So if you use it, you're either a skeevy stalker or a jerk. Facepalm.

The apps description:

- Report BAD drivers to authorities and insurance companies
- Exchange voice messages with CUTE drivers
- Get notified if someone flags or messages YOU
- Hear the funniest rants about bad drivers. See a list of the hottest drivers.
- Search any license plate (including your own) to check their DriveMeCrazy record
- All of your "flags" are completely anonymous.

DriveMeCrazy is simple, yet powerful:
- Voice-powered flagging for a safe driving experience
- Location-enabled so you can track every flag on a map
- Easily broadcast your flags on Twitter or Facebook
- Report driver violations. We will submit to the DMV
- Monitor to see if anyone is flagging your friends and family

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Where do I even begin with what is stupid about this?

Granted, the DMV and insurance companies tend to be a little slow on the uptake when it comes to utilizing new technology, but even so, they're getting tips about drivers that could allow them to change insurance rates or mar the records of drivers.

While on the one hand, DriveMeCrazy is a clever way to try and make the roads a little safer, allowing citizens to report errors from running red lights to driving erratically or dangerously, it could also end up as a way to report every dumb thing that pisses you off about other drivers on the road, even if what caused the tiff might be your own fault. Plus, you're likely being a bad driver yourself as you're distracted while driving because you're busy talking into your phone about the hot girl in the car passing you.

It's no surprise that folks get tense behind the wheel and easily peeved. Ratting each other out to the authorities could make driving even more expensive if insurance companies decide to trust information (however questionable) sent in by citizens about fellow drivers -- or even more annoying since you know you're being watched by everyone and not just the cameras at intersections and cops hiding behind bushes on the side of the road.

Sure, an argument is that it could encourage people to just take public transportation instead of brave the-road-with-the-thousand-eyes. And for those who decide they're definitely sticking with their cars, it might encourage them to drive more carefully. Fewer cars on the road, and safer driving, is always a good thing. However, overall, this app seems like a terrible idea.

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