Tata Nano, the $2000 Indian 'People's Car', Finds Factory a New Home in Gujarat

tata nano in silver photo

photo: Anugrah Adams

Just a quick update on the battle of the proposed and protested Tata Nano manufacturing facility in West Bengal, India. In the past month construction on the site was halted by Tata due to protests by local farmers who claimed that the land for the factory was expropriated from them without proper compensation. Latter in September, the government of West Bengal made some concessions to the protesters, giving some land back to them from both inside the project area of from land the government held outside of the proposed site. This halted the protests, but Tata still reserved the right to move the manufacturing of the Nano to another state in India.

Tata has come to a conclusion on a new location for building the Rs100,000 ($2,050) ‘people’s car’. And the lucky winner is...the western Indian state of Gujarat. Read on for more:Sanand, Gujarat Chosen
After looking at sites in several other states, Tata had this to say about choosing the new site:

The company has concluded that the site at Sanand and the offer from the Gujarat government is in the best interest of the project.

While awaiting the Sanand plant’s completion, Tata Motors will explore the possibility of manufacturing the Nano at its existing facilities at Pune and Pantnagar, and launch the car in the last quarter of the financial year. (BBC)

250,000 Cars to be Built in First Year
The new manufacturing facility will be built on 1,100 acres supplied by the government of Gujarat and will initially make 250,000 Nanos a year, a figure rising to 500,000 in coming years.

via :: BBC News and :: Cleantech
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