Tata Nano Factory Construction Suspended Indefinitely Due to Protests

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We've covered the Tata Nano a number of times, and have featured coverage of the ongoing protests about the West Bengal factory location from the beginning. You may have missed it, but those protests have come to a head in the past 24 hours. The BBC reports that construction on the factory has been "suspended indefinitely". Other Sites for Nano Manufacturing to be Explored
The issue is the manner in which Tata acquired the land for the factory, 59km north of Kolkata: Protestors say that the land was taken from "unwilling" farmers by force. Protestors have said that they have not asked Tata to quit work at the site, only that their land rights be respected. Tata, which has already invested $350 million at the site, indicated that it was investigating moving production of the Nano to one of its six other factories in India.

So, for the moment at least, the future of the what has been touted as the world's cheapest car—expected retail price Rs100,000 (US$2,243 at today's exchange rate)—is up in the air.

via :: BBC News
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