Tata Introduces The Perfect Nano For Urban America

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Here is something for that portion of the 1% with a conscience: instead of a big black armored Sprinter or Escalade, they can have a cute little electric Tata MBPV. It's bulletproof, and has angled floors and walls to deflect grenades. Visibility isn't too terrific, but it will run for six hours, has all wheel drive, and can climb stairs. It is a bit slow at 20 Km/hr (12.5 MPH) though.

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Actually, it is a military vehicle designed for use indoors, to provide:

Elite military forces a protected mobility solution that assists them during indoor combat against insurgents. The need for this kind of a solution has been felt desperately by commando units, who face multiple hostage situations; wherein terrorists have been holed up inside confined premises, houses, hotels, malls and airports.

The MBPV has been designed keeping indoor combat in mind, with special features like bullet resistant panels for protection, compact dimensions, with 4- wheel assisted turning for easy movement within indoor confines, and high power to weight ratio for fast, and agile movement during combat.

But imagine if they Hummered it, producing a street ready version. Finally, a small electric car that the Escalades and Navigators will make room for. More at Zigwheels

Tata Introduces The Perfect Nano For Urban America
It's electric, it's armored, bulletproof and grenade resistant, and it can even climb stairs.

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