Tata is Working on an Electric Car to be Sold for Less than $20,000

Tata Indica EV Electric Car© Tata

Still Vaporware So Far, Though...

The Tata Nano made a big media splash because it was so affordable, though it didn't quite rack up the sales that were expected for varied reasons. Now the Tata Group is trying to do it again, in partnership with France’s Dassault Systèmes, but this time with an electric car. This new Tata EV is currently under development, and the goal is to sell it for about 10 lakh, which is about $20,000. The best guess out there seems to be that it would be about the size of the Tata Indica EV, which is pictured in this post and which Tata has also worked on, but it doesn't seem to have come to fruition (yet?).

Tata Indica EV Electric Car© Tata

In a statement, Tata Technologies President (Vehicle Programs and Development Group) Kevin Fisher said the company is working on with Dassault Systemes to “leverage the talents of a global engineering team to meet numerous design and cost constraints, as well as create the targeted user experience, including a final vehicle price tag of under $20,000.”

Unfortunately, we don't know much more than that. No details on the technical side, no target launch date, nada. So this isn't quite an announcement, but rather a kind of pre-announcement. It's dangerous to get your hopes up about vaporware, but it's nice to see this international effort to make EVs commercially viable.

Tata Indica EV Electric Car© Tata

Via Firstpost, Green Car Reports

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