Taking a Closer Look at Toyota's 1/X Plug-in Hybrid Concept

toyota plug-in 1/x

Image courtesy of Green Car Congress

After making a splash at last year's Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota's 1/X plug-in hybrid concept will be making its way to the upcoming Chicago Auto Show for its North American debut. Courtesy of Green Car Congress, we now have some more figures and features to chew over in anticipation of its official unveiling:

"The hybrid powertrain in the ultra-lightweight 1/X combines a home-rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with a 500cc flexible-fuel engine in a system that is 1/4th of the total weight of the Prius powertrain. The result is a vehicle with the possibility of traveling more than 600 miles on a small four-gallon tank of fuel and achieving acceleration performance equivalent to that of the Prius."As we've reported before, the 1/X will roughly one-third the weight of the Prius - around 926 pounds - thanks in large part to its carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) body frame. In addition to being stronger and lighter than conventional metals, the CFRP material will help the 1/X better absorb energy during impact. Its roof, composed from a kenaf/ramie-derived bio-plastic, helps increase the amount of light entering the cabin, reduce noice and improve heat insulation.

GCG has more details on the plug-in concept, including a nice side-by-side comparison chart examining the 1/X's specifications.

Via ::Boing Boing Gadgets: Another Look at the Toyota "1/X" Plug-in Hybrid Car (blog)

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