Take a zero carbon road trip through hilly, rural Wales

zero carbon road trips photo
Video screen capture Fully Charged

We know that range anxiety is misguided for most urbanites, yet for those of us who enjoy the occasional road trip, electric cars may still be found wanting.

But that's changing fast. From the UK's rapidly expanding electric highway to Tesla's supercharger network, highways across the globe are increasingly equipped with EV charging options.

But what about the countryside? After all, it's not a real road trip unless you get off the beaten path.

The rural, hilly countryside of Wales might not seem like the obvious place for an electric vehicle revolution, but here too there is a growing network of businesses offering free EV charging under the banner of Zero Carbon Road Trips.

In the latest episode of Fully Charged, Robert Llewellyn takes a tour—covering an extremely hilly 418 miles using only renewable energy, and at no cost to himself. And it all looks quite lovely.

Take a zero carbon road trip through hilly, rural Wales
A network of businesses is aiming to smash electric car range anxiety and they're doing it in a pretty unlikely place.

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