Take the Z-Line: Fastest Way Across the Bay

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A new zero-carbon transit system has been proposed for San Francisco by artists Steve Lampert and Packard Jennings.

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Ryan Collerd for The New York Times

After reading an article on zipline tourism in the New York Times, Geoff Manaugh at BLDGBLOG thinks they have promise all over the world:

imagine "a new kind of urban tourism, where you don't talk guided walks or buy tickets for double-decker buses: you ride zip lines above Notre-Dame cathedral and down Fifth Avenue, getting up close and personal with architectural ornament at a level of detail you would otherwise never have seen.
Sky Tours of Manhattan.
In the same way that you can take, for instance, Entourage-themed bus tours of Los Angeles, you could take Spiderman-themed zip line tours of New York.
You call up Canopy Tours and ask them to price-out the entirety of Chicago. Or Istanbul. (At the very least, they could map it).
Zip lines through the London financial district.
Zip lines through the sandstone arches of Utah.
Zip lines through Angkor Wat.
A Zip Line Olympiad across the domes and spires of central Europe."

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