Take the Commute Solutions Challenge

Commute Solutions is "a business/government partnership that promotes a voluntary initiative striving to educate commuters in our region on the benefits of commute solutions." It is primarily addressed to Texans, but its message should be heard by everybody. The main goal is to get people to find alternatives to commuting alone in a car. If you live in Central Texas you can sign up for the Commuter Challenge and may win some prizes, but the real heart of the website is this page which contains the rules for the Challenge; Near the top there is a useful list of "commute solutions"...Many people probably take the car, even for short distances, out of habit or lack of imagination. It might help to remind them that there are other ways to do things.

Carpools - Two or more sharing a ride in a personal vehicle

Vanpools - Approved employer or Capital Metro vanpool groups

Riding the Bus - Taking the bus

Biking - Riding a bicycle

Walking - Walking, or using a wheelchair or other handicap device to get to work

Teleworking - Working from home or a satellite office near the home

Unique Commute Solutions - Off-street, manual/electric, & sidewalk-legal means of commuting! (e.g. rollerblading/skating, skateboarding, unicycling, off-street scooters, Segways, rowing, etc.) [...]

Compressed Work Week - When an employee is off one day a week due to working longer hours on days prior (e.g. working a week of four 10-hour days with one day off). [...]

Lunch On Site - Having lunch on site, without leaving the office

Teleconference Meetings - Calling or logging into a meeting via office or home without having to commute to the meeting.

Thanks to Kari Banta for the tip on this story.

::Commute Solutions Website