Sylvan Sport GO: Coolest Popup Trailer Ever

sylvan sport popup trailer photo exterior

Lloyd Alter

The Sportsmens' Show is a haven for hunters and fishers and all kinds of motorized vehicles; TreeHuggers are shot on sight but hunters are often environmentalists too, and there are always a few finds, like this amazing Sylvan Sport GO trailer with pop-up camper; the smallest, lightest and coolest I have ever seen.

sylvan sport popup trailer photo mini

The remarkable thing about this is how it is really a trailer rather than a tent; you can carry bikes and sporting goods in it. But where is the tent?


It is hidden in that lid.

sylvan sport popup trailer photo exterior

After you take your bikes or whatever out of it, you pop out the tent, install a couple of aluminum rods and you have a very comfortable camper. There are two full beds and a pull down dining table.

sylvan sport popup trailer photo interior

Normally a camper trailer needs a pretty big car; at 800 lbs this can be pulled by anything, probably even a smart car.

sylvan sport popup trailer photo configuration

It is a marvel of design, to get so much into such a small space, that can let you travel light in a smaller vehicle. More at Sylvan Sport; (warning: annoying music) found at JR's Outdoor Store

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