Switchbike: The Invention You Weren't Waiting For

If you've ever been riding your bicycle and said to yourself "gee, I wish this bike were as adjustable as a car seat," then you're in luck--sort of. An inventor by the name of Ron de Jon has invented a bike (seen in the above video) that can satisfy all your two-wheeled desires by adjusting the angle at which you sit in the saddle, just like a car!

With the Switchbike, one minute you're riding a standard, upright bike, and the next you're in a virtual hammock on wheels. The transformation takes place by simply turning a handle on the fork, at which point the bike either leans back into 'recumbent bike' mode, or slides forward into 'regular bike' mode. So now there are even fewer excuses for not ditching the old (or new) clunker and using a bicycle for transportation (a radical idea we've covered here, here and here).Unfortunately, the Switchbike still has a lot in common with hydrogen cars: great promise, but hard to get your hands on one. In this case, that's because there only is one, and it's not for sale. The inventor is still hoping to bring his creation into full production, but in the meantime, let's hope there are less barriers to the Switchbike than to the hydrogen economy. After all, wouldn't owning one of these make bicycling, if not more efficient, then certainly more fun?

Via: ::AutoBlogGreen

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