Man Installs Wood Stove in Car to Fight Cold Snap (Video)

Pascal Prokop wood stove carYouTube/Screen capture

Europe's extreme cold weather this winter has not only caused massive transportation delays, rare snowfall in Tunisia and hundreds of deaths, it also prompted one Swiss man to get creative when his car's heating broke down. Faced with unusual freezing conditions, Pascal Prokop, a resident of Mettmenstetten, a town 25 kilometers south of Zurich, installed a wood-burning stove in his 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon -- complete with a chimney sticking out of the roof of the car.

According to Oddity Central, 38-year-old Prokop removed the front passenger seat before adding a full-size wood stove in its place. To keep the car warm, he adds wood sticks into the fire, while the chimney vents the smoke out (though we wonder how efficient it is and whether Prokop could be better off with a rocket stove).

Installing the stove was the easy part: Prokop also had to get permission from the Swiss Technical Inspection Authority to drive this strangely modified car on the streets. Officials were initially flummoxed by his proposal, but relented when they realized he was serious and would comply to any local by-laws they might throw at him. The car is now registered as a "sedan with a wood oven."

Man Installs Wood Stove in Car to Fight Cold Snap (Video)
How one man is dealing with the weird cold weather in Europe this winter, after his car's heating finally broke down.

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