Swing Into The Holidays -Take A Historic Ride On A Vintage Subway


Photo: Rik Panganiban

2010 was a hard year to love the NYC MTA, rates went up, services went down, entire bus lines were eliminated. Feeling nostalgic for the good ole days? Well this holiday season, the MTA has a cure for you. On Sundays, during the month of December, the MTA is rolling out vintage trains from the 1930's era "Nostalgia Shopper's Special" that run along the F/M line from 2nd Avenue (Lower East Side) to Queens Plaza (Long Island City). Subway enthusiasts and people yearning for grander times have come out to ride the trains in their Sunday vintage best.
(photos of people in their finest after the jump)


Linday Ladies Photo: Bonnie Hulkower

Last Sunday, there was a tea party. Yesterday, December 19th, the swing dancing community gathered and arranged for live bands that turned the 2nd Avenue and Queens Plaza platforms into impromptu dance parties. It was like a lindy flash mob!


Linday flash mob Photo: Bonnie Hulkower

As my brother, who hates the subway, said, this was the first time he thought of the subway as a "fun ride" and paid the $2.25 for a reason other than for commuting.
The last day the train runs this year is December 26th, so if you are in New York you have one more Sunday to ride the "special" subway train. Although the dancers and tea partiers won't be there, the train cars themselves are lovely. They may be 70 years old, but they still run beautifully. They also have original lighting and advertising from the period (but sorry, no Dr. Zizmor). Don't miss the opportunity to see a bit of New York history outside of the New York Transit Museum!


Subway Serenade Photo: Derrick James
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