Sweet Cyclist Success - Burgerville Tells Bikers To Ride On Through

While we don't know if super-cycling mom Sarah Gilbert has tried cruising her Xtracycle through the Burgerville drive-thru for a quick Oregon raspberry milkshake yet, we do know that as of September 8, Burgerville manager Mike Hart is ready for her and other cyclists. After the ruckus caused when one of Hart's employees refused to serve Gilbert when she rode up on her bike with children in tow last month, Burgerville (which prides itself on sustainability efforts) made a pledge to come up with a bike-friendly policy (which it did) and some signage, which it now has. While not perfect, the Northwest fast-food chain certainly moved far ahead of its peers in accommodating bikes (and other two- and three-wheel conveyances). More businesses should follow suit. (Additional pic below).

Car free burger and fries

Not only are bikes officially now welcome at the drive-thru lanes of all 39 Burgerville locations, many will get signs like the ones posted at Mike Hart's Powell Street location in Portland, Oregon. Gilbert used Twitter and blogging to let people know about her beef with Burgerville's drive-thru shut-out, and she got results. Possibly Burgerville realized that in markets like Portland, where 4.2 percent of the population uses a bike for commuting, a policy taking bikers into account was a necessity. Whatever the case, the company responded promptly with an apology to Gilbert, and then got to work on new signage.

"We've been handling bikes in the drive-thrus on an ad hoc basis and Ms. Gilbert's experience helped accelerate our decision to develop a formal bike-friendly program. Her experience highlighted inconsistencies in our bike policy," Jack Graves, Burgerville's chief cultural officer, told Portland's Metblogs. "Opening up our drive-thrus to the large cycling community in our area is a natural for us and is very much in line with our overall values."

While a dedicated lane for bikes and other slower-moving drive-thru traffic would have been the ultimate gift, it's great that no cyclist jonesing for fast-food will ever be turned away at these Burgerville locations.

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