Suzuki Unveils First Fuel Cell Scooter, Will Hit Market in Few Months

Suzuki Bergman Fuel Cell Scooter Photo

Image via: EV WORLDwire

The Bergman scooter launched this week at the Tokyo Motor Show and announced that it will be available globally within the next few months. There are still quite a few unanswered questions, like how much it will retail for, just who will be allowed to get one and whether they will come in any flashy colors. But, for those living in cities with hydrogen refueling stations, these silent scooters are exciting news.The scooter itself uses a light, air-cooled hydrogen tank that holds 70MPa, the highest-pressure tank of any scooter on the market. Intelligent Energy provided the fuel cell technology, while Suzuki provided the vehicle to combine and make their Bergman fuel cell scooter. Two years ago, the two came together to make a fuel cell motorbike, and now they are turning their sites on the commuter market, hoping that city-dwellers will be interested in a zero emission vehicle that will buzz them all over the city.

The engine itself is an Intelligent Energy design PEM clean fuel cell engine. The scooter can go 300 miles on one "fueling," which if you're just scooting around the city can last you weeks. The fuel cell setup on their 125cc Burgman platform and operates like a typical 125cc motorbike, except that it's virtually silent and has no emissions. The vehicle itself looks like your standard, typical scooter so no worry about buying some weird, futuristic pod just to get good gas mileage.

The only hitch - you need a city that has hydrogen fueling stations. If you're in California, you're in luck as there are quite a few refueling stations across the state. For a list of other hydrogen fueling stations, check out this listing by Fuel
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