Sustainable Mobility Week in Buenos Aires


Under the theme ‘Streets for everybody’, from September 16th to 22nd Buenos Aires celebrates the Sustainable Mobility week: a period to reflect on the effects of cars on the environment, embrace alternative vehicles such as public transportation, bicycles, and our legs, and learn more about the importance of physical activity for health. During the week, the government has set up activities which include a day of conferences, open gym classes, the announcement of a new health program, environmental education workshops, and a grand finale with a bicycle ‘marathon’ on Saturday. The complete program, in the extended.
Thanks Juan Casavelos for the info!The day of conferences will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, September 18th) at the city hall, and will count with the presence of Manuel Olivera, director, Clinton Climate Initiative Bogota (Colombia); Jonas Hagen, program director, Brazilian Institute for Transport and Development Politics (who participated in major sustainable transportation initiatives in Bogota, Montevideo and New York); and Jorge Navarro, president, Association Against Sedentary; among other figures from the city government.
The gym classes will take place at the Plaza de la Republica (9 de Julio Av. and Corrientes Av.) from 3PM to 7PM on Wednesday; and on Saturday, at Del Libertador Av. and Sarmiento St. beginning at 10AM and at Parque Las Heras (Las Heras Av., between Coronel Diaz and Salguero St.).
On Thursday, the government will launch a program called Styles and Habits for a Sustainable Life, which will encourage health control in people who needs to do physical activity as a part of a disease treatment.
On Friday, there will be several activities at the Paseo Primaveral (San Martin Av. and Fragata Sarmiento): an environmental education workshop at 3PM, a concert at 4.30PM, tales and stories at 5PMm, and another concert with the tango orchestra El Apronte at 5.30PM (warning: this day is a holiday for students in the country and parks are loaded with teenagers).
Finally, the Saturday bicycle marathon is carried under the theme ‘A day without my car’ and will start at Del Libertador Av. and Sarmiento St. at 10AM. Families are invited to join either in bicycle, walking, in roller blades or in whatever non contaminant vehicle they want.
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