Survey Shows 75% of UK Drivers Want Cars with Stop-Start Systems

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Stop-start technology makes a lot of sense, and we're quite disappointed that it is taking so long to become widespread. It conserves fuel and reduces emissions in city driving by shutting down the engine when the car is stopped (red light, dense traffic, etc), and restarting it instantaneously when the drive takes his or her foot off the brake pedal. You get part of the benefits of a hybrid car at a much lower price tag.

So it is not surprising that a new survey shows that 3/4 of UK drivers would buy a car with a stop-start system. Problem is, there are only three carmakers that offer stop-start systems on non-hybrid models, Citroën (we wrote about the C2 Stop/Start here), BMW and Mini.

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The good news is that most automakers are planning to introduce stop-start technology in either their whole lineups or select "green" models over the next few years. Better late than never...

Stop-start reduces fuel consumption by an average of about 10% in city driving, but that depends on your driving habits and where you live. The longer you usually spend stopped at red lights and idling in dense traffic, the the bigger the difference in fuel costs and emissions would be. And with fuel prices expected to keep rising, it would definitely make financial sense over the life of the vehicle.

::Motorists turned on by untapped stop-start engine technology savings, via ::Survey: 75% of UK Drivers Would Buy a Car with Stop-Start System
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