Summer Streets Coming Back to New York City in August: 7 Miles of Car-Free Roads

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Photo: Flickr, CC
I Love the Smell of Car-Free Roads in the Morning!
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with NYC DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, has announced that the Summer Streets initiative is coming back to the streets of NYC this August. Last year was a great success, with over 50,000 people joining the fun on each of the 3 days, and this year promises to be even better with 1,500 free activities and 13 new locations also closing streets over the summer (check out the Weekend Walks brochure (pdf)). Read on for more details and a video.
summer streets nyc photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
NYC Summer Streets 2009: From 7 AM to 1 PM, on August 8, 15, and 22
Here is a video by our friends at StreetFilms. It shows the announcement and some footage from last year's Summer Streets:

if you want to help make Summer Streets a success, you can volunteer here. They need help mostly with marshalling the route and directing participants.

Some etiquette for cyclists and skaters:

  • Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way, so yield to them
  • Keep right, pass left
  • Pass others safely: look and signal with your voice or bell before changing lanes
  • Be mindful of children and older folks
  • Children under 14 must by law wear a helmet when biking, but helmets are ALWAYS a good idea, no matter how old you get. If you need a helmet you can call 311 for more information about getting one for free.
  • Always ride in the direction of traffic and obey all posted traffic signs and regulations
  • Never bike on the sidewalks!
  • All bicycles must have front and rear lights at night and a bell

It is not recommended that anyone wear headphones during the event, for obvious safety reasons.

If you are a would be Henri Cartier-Bresson, you can bring your camera and join the Summer Streets photo contest.

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More info can be found on

Via StreetFilms, New York Times
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