Subway Maps from Around the World, All on the Same Scale

Image: Fake is the New Real
For Subway Map Lovers (I Know You're Out There!)
We have done many posts about subway maps, and they are always pretty popular. It seems like there's a large group of people out there who enjoy looking at subway maps from around the world (who knew?). Today, I have a treat for these people. I stumbled on a site that has subway maps from around the world, and they've all be normalized to the same scale so that it's easier to compare them.
Image: Fake is the New Real
Here are the maps.

Looking at them, a few things stand out: San Francisco's subway might not have that many lines, but it is gigantic compared the vast majority of others. Tokyo's subway is a lot more compact than I expected considering the population of that city (same for Mexico), and many cities have a nice central ring of subway lines (f.ex. Paris, Moscow, Shanghai) for improved efficiency.

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You can also see photos of the interior of many subways here:

Via FakeIsTheNewReal
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