Submarine-Boat Hybrid Goes All-Electric for Greener Get-Aways

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If you've been wanting a better way to explore reefs or tropical seas without actually getting wet, you might have found your solution. The Ego is a "compact semi-submarine" from Raonhaje, which works as both a motor boat and a two-seater submarine. Bask in the sun above, watch the fish below. And the best part? It's all electric. Check out images and a video.

ego submarine image

CNET writes that "both the Ego LE (luxury edition) and the Ego SE (standard edition) are run by electric podded propulsion with a battery-powered BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor)" and uses a Trojan T-890 batter pack such as what is found on golf carts. With an all-electric motor, it is likely far quieter than standard boats, or compact semi-submarines, which is a boon for marine life already subject to human-generated noise pollution.

The battery pack allows a user to go 8 hours at cruising speed or 4 hours at top speed between charges, but it takes between 6-9 hours to recharge. And exactly how you're supposed to easily transport this thing from the dock to an outlet, we're not sure.

The makers state
that the Ego doesn't discharge pollutants or otherwise damage the sea you're exploring. They don't list any pricing on the website, but you can bet you'll lay down a pretty penny for it.

There is also a four-seater in the works, though not available yet. It is most definitely a luxury toy (there is an option for a customized yacht dock) but the makers say that it can also be outfitted with research equipment for scientists.

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